HuSque jug

The HUSQUE water jug is stainless steel vessel with an interchangeable handle.

The HUSQUE water jug reflects the aerodynamic style of the art deco period, also reflecting the art deco period is the similarity in look and composition of HUSQUE with its relative Bakelite. Its interchangeable handle slips on and off via a polyurethane taper. This feature allows the jug to transform easily by changing its handle, it also has the environmental benefit of reducing the need for excess stock to maintain a full choice of styles. 

The jug is designed based on these 4 considerations, BALANCE, FOOTPRINT, POURING, and VOLUME. 

The BALANCE of the jug when full does not cause the wrist to strain, the FOOTPRINT on a busy table is minimal, the carefully shaped tip and reduced aperture of the mouth results in drip free POURING, and the VOLUME comfortably services a table of 10 with out excess weight.

The Husque Jug was a runner up on the Bombay Sapphire Design Award 2011