Husque joysticks and plinths

In conjunction with INKAHOOTS and Jason Grant, HUSQUE was commissioned to work with an electronics engineer to create these unique wireless controlled joysticks. The application was for an exhibition designed by INKAHOOTS, named Food Futures presented at The Museum of Brisbane.  

The joysticks interacted with a program that projected on the wall, and allowed the user to navigate information uploaded from the internet. The joysticks and plinth needed to be robust to be able to protect the delicate electronics while being used in the public domain, HUSQUE was perfect for this application. The design had to protect a mother board, a rechargeable lithium battery, slam button, 4 axis lever, and an external recharge port. The moulding ability and machinability of HUSQUE was key in this project. 

HUSQUE was approached because of our creative and technical ability to produce something unique. In addition  the use of the Macadamia Shell related well to the exhibitions focus on Food Futures, which includes the cycle of food from creation to consumption to waste. 

Photo credit: Inkahoots and Stefan Jannides